Who are Alberg Mirador?

ESPORTEC OUTDOOR SPORT SL is a sports services company (C-433) and travel agency (GC-4023) created with the intention of promoting sports practice and the spirit of adventure.

The Alberg Mirador Port del Comte is part of Esportec Outdoor Sport's range of services.

Our specialty is the Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment, and that is why we want to make known the possibilities offered by our environment, whether at sea or in the mountains.

In order to be able to guarantee the best quality, price and control, we carry out all the activities ourselves, without intermediaries.

We want ours adventures are unique and original, always respecting the environment that surrounds us. For this reason, we work continuously to design new products and outings, so that you can discover the most idyllic places in our regions.

To offer maximum professionalism and quality in our services, our staff consists of sports technicians specialized in each of the activities and products we offer.

All activities are led by Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Graduates and leisure directors according to current regulations: Decree 56/2003, Laws 1/2000 and 3/2008.

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